Why use photorealistic car mockups for your projects

Choosing the right mockup is much more important than it may seem. Only few people understand the potential of this graphic presentation.

But let’s take a step back and start with this question:

What are the advantages of a mockup?

The first answer would be: It shows the graphic project to the client, in its natural context, as if the idea had already been realized.

The second answer is: You can show the technicians who will wrap the car, what the imagined final result would look like.

Third answer would be: “It shows the graphic project at its best, with attractive images, as realistic as possible, but for the moment only conceptual.” A kind of augmented reality.

Example_custom_mockup_Thumb_Mustang (3 views) 16-9

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ok, But is a car mockup only for this purpose?

We also use mockups in the initial stage of designing, in the phase of defining general elements of the graphic project.

Basically we build the graphics using the mockup as a template and not on vector blueprints, wich is usually used. So when we design, we look at a real car and its color, unlike those who design car wrapping graphics using vector models.

This tecnique of drawing directly on the car helps us to see the result in real time, to understand if it is the desired result, if the lines develop well on the shape of the car, and more.


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Another purpose of mockups is to sell the idea of commissioned graphics and sell products when it comes to ‘ready to print graphics’. The more accurate the mockup is, the more the potential customer will be convinced to spend his money on your project.

Our graphic studio personally prepares all the mockups it uses. We have made a challenging choice, but we think it definitely gives more value to the products.

Ofcourse the choice to customize everything, even the mockups, involves an increase in work, but we also did it out of necessity. We decided to do it ourselves when we realized that it is not always easy to find mockups of all car models, especially all versions and years.

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Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of vehicle mockups and decided not to keep them only to ourselves, but to share them with other visual professionals at a purely symbolic cost.

In addition we also offer the service of creating mockups for vehicles on request. If you are looking for a specific car model and you cannot find it on any portal, try to send us a request, we will reply to you in a short time.

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