Essential Steps for a Full Graphic Car Wrap: Gathering the Right Information

Introduction Successful projects begin with the meticulous collection of data (images, logos, etc.) and accurate information exchange between us and the client. This article delves into the essential information we need to create a complete graphic wrap for your vehicle.

Information about the Car Gathering information about the car to be wrapped is relatively straightforward. In summary, we need to know: the brand and model of the car, the year and version, general setup, color, and other specific details. These details help us understand the physical characteristics of your vehicle and plan accordingly.


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Understanding the Client’s Idea Understanding the client’s idea is a slightly more complex process. We use a series of strategic questions to accurately define the client’s idea and requests. These questions are crucial in turning your vision into reality.

Client Cooperation It’s vital that the client is willing to cooperate and share all the necessary information. A good project requires open communication and mutual commitment to ensure that every detail is considered.

Key Questions Some of the key questions we ask include:

  • What message do you want to communicate?
  • What is the subject or theme to be represented?
  • What colors should be used?
  • What overall effect do you want to achieve?
  • How much of the surface do you wish to decorate?


These are just some of the questions the client will need to answer to help us fully understand their project.

Conclusion Creating a complete graphic wrap is a process that demands attention to detail and close collaboration between the design studio and the client. With the right information, we can transform any vehicle into a unique expression of your style and message.

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