9 basic steps to create a cool car design?


What are the 9 STEPS?

High-level car wrap graphics require time and dedication and must be done by professionals who have specific experience in wrapping graphics.

The graphics are the first part of a process that involves other professionals, first of all the wrapper, for this it is necessary to follow the steps known to all the parties involved.

In this article we give a general overview of the 9 basic steps, if your goal is to have a graphic designed by our studio you need to know them.

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Simple 9 steps

Data acquisition

By filling out the form on the CUSTOM WRAP DESIGN FORM page you will give us all the information we need to understand the project, your idea and on which car the graphics must be done.We take a few days to prepare our proposal.

Analysis and proposal

We gather the staff, do a brainstorming and once we have found the "right graphic proposal" we calculate times and costs.

Development of the graphic project

After the project has been confirmed by the customer and the required deposit has been paid, we get to work to develop the entire graphics down to the smallest detail.We take the time to develop the whole project, if necessary we compare and share opinions.

First look Project

Once we think we have achieved the goal we stop and show what we have done to the customer. The presentation of the graphic design is very accurate and, we strive more and more to make it more realistic.

Changes and adjustments

Thanks to our high-resolution mockup presentations, the customer can observe everything down to the smallest detail and, if necessary, notify us of the changes to be made to the graphic design.

Final presentation of the project

Once all the adjustments have been made we can prepare the final presentation in the graphic design using our 5 view mockups. Now the project is final and everything is ready for printing.

Test Print File

At this point it is time to check that the colors correspond to those desired and that the general resolution is excellent, for this a first print test is done.

Graphic print executive files

Everything is ready and confirmed, we can send the executive files of the graphic to print.

Assistance to the wrapper

We support the wrapper when it's time to put the printed graphics on the car. We exchange the information necessary to ensure that it is "a work of art".

Project done!

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