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The Feed profile is the main page where you can manage, almost entirely, the active working relationship with our studio.

On this page you will find important content and links related to projects and much more. This is the first version, we are still testing it, but we think it is a great tool to manage the workflow.

The Feed profile is private and you can only access it after logging in with your credentials in the members area. No one other than those who know the credentials can see this.

We have invested time, knowledge and money in the certainty of offering our partners an easy to use and useful tool to monitor past, present and future projects.

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project page


The page is personalized and easy to consult. It has a cover, an image and profile name, like the most famous social media, immediately below an interactive list linked to the main data and then the list of all projects.

By clicking both in the main data area and / or on a project you access additional contents, all within the private area.

This service is at its best when managing multiple and / or complex projects and is great for having everything under control.

Short description


  • πŸͺͺ Projects LIST πŸ”—

    By clicking on this item you will be redirected to the complete list of all projects on interactive Google Spreadsheet document and updated daily. To access this content it is necessary to have given the reference Google account.

  • πŸ—„ Mega Folder πŸ”—

    By clicking on this item you will be redirected to the shared folder on the Mega.nz cloud service. Here you can download all the contents created by our studio for you.

  • πŸ—’ Payment Status πŸ”—

    By clicking on this item you will be redirected to the summary page of payments of all projects.

Projects AREA

  • πŸ—„ Car Project name

    By clicking on the image to access the project page, on this page you will find a lot of useful information.

This concludes this brief look at the purpose of use and the main functions of this page reserved for club members.

As mentioned, this is only the first version, we are continuing to develop the members area section of our site with the aim of always offering useful services and tools to work with us.

We apologize in advance if any temporary disruptions should occur and we invite you to report any anomalies.

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