A spaceship on four wheels. This is a collective project made up by 3 companies: Frank Ricci Design, the HEC team and And the

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ViperCola main

Viper Cola

This Viper has a story to tell … We’ve started a new collaboration with Covering Wrapzone, French guys with a lot of talent. The request

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86ctane main

86ctane Overdrive

So fast you can’t stop it. The owner of this fast Toyota GT86 is an avid Apex player, and his favorite character is Octane. For

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GR8 M4 LW Main

GR8 Mag M4 LW

Power and style in an M4 Liberty Walk We were honored to have designed the livery of the BMW M4 with Liberty Walk kit, the

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S5_Trident main

S5 Trident 🥇

in motion even when she stands still. A project that took a long time, but that made the delivery of the car even more satisfying.

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Cap America main

964 Captain

A superhero keeps a family together. Another member of the WMR Team decided to make one of their many cars unique. Under the super vision

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Nisha main

Nisha 350 Dragonballz

This is our kamehamehaaaaa! In our opinion one of the best projects of 2022. The owner is a 100% petrolhead, passionate about Japanese cars and

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