BEAST 666 main

Beast 666

A beastly design for a brutal Stang. Another unconventional project that is giving us a lot of satisfaction. We managed to make a very specific

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the name says it all. A beautiful project made for Danny, the owner of this fantastic low Mustang. We started from space, ending with a

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Eva Stang main

Eva Mustang

A perfect American MusCLE-car in Bologna This is the second project we developed for Andrea, from The first time we worked on racing cars,

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s550_fenix_reborn main

S550 Fenix Reborn 🥇

we will always come back! This was the most engaging project of 2022, a custom graphic for the entire van Craenenbroeck family. The theme was

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the_s550_tiki main

The S550 Tiki

It’s a matter of thickness and multilevel. We talked a lot with the owner, and Joffrey our wrapping partner. We did other versions before this

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VZW Passion For Cars 🥇

Why so serious? AAAh AAAH AAH We have created ‘The Joker’ themed design in our own style, following the guidelines of the customer and owner

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