RYLLXRY Golf R Main Img Portfolio smartphone
RYLLXRY Golf R Main Img Portfolio


This design is colorful, DIFFERENT, bad AND dirty, and that's why it rocks!

It was a real pleasure to design this livery. This powerful Golf R is the ‘Cars And Graffiti’ show car, a spectacular event organized by RYL ★ LXRY (Royal Luxury).

After a call from our big friend and partner Joffrey, owner of WrapMyRide.nu, we got in touch with Kevin. He explained the idea for his powerful Golf to us.

We understood each other immediately, and therefore it was easy for us to develop the design.

For this project, Leonardo, our illustrator, was also involved again. He was responsible for designing the Beagle Boys and the Golf MK1 visible on the right side of the car.

Do you want see the outcome? Check out the presentation mockup below.

Further down the page you can see more  pictures that shows the details.

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