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Stand out with style and speed!

We are born competitors, that's why we have it in our blood!

We have years of experience in the racing world, so we are able to create complex designs and projects for Teams, Sponsors and Organizers.

Our racing DNA has allowed us to become the technical sponsor of SCDT Solo Curve di Traverso, the first drifting school in Italy. Therefore, among our customers we have served over the years we can include: Elite Motorsport, MP Racing, 2B Garage, Dreams Racing.


What do you need to know?

As mentioned we are able to design from the Brand Identity, passing through the Paddock up to a display. In practice we offer a coordinated project that starts from the vehicle, and is declined in all other forms.

So if you want to talk to us about your needs, click on the button below and you will find a form that will help you to describe your project.

A new coordinated image for your team

We know how important it is today to have a well-made visual identity that “represents” the team. Especially since communication on social networks has become a habit for everyone.

We know the frenetic and chaotic ambiance of racing, and we understand how important it is to be visible and communicate effectively.

For this we offer a “turnkey” personalized service according to your investment budget. Put simply, we combine your project-purpose with a feasibility analysis, and finally we propose an action plan divided by points before moving on to the development phase.

If you want to talk about your project, fill out the form.  click here.


How much does an exclusive
car wrap graphic cost?

This question cannot be answered with a dry joke. This is because it is a full custom product. A car wrapping graphic is a unique piece that cannot be repeated.

This service has an artisanal connotation for this reason the real price can only be defined once the final project is approved by the client.

It is possible for us to make a cost estimate, but this is only preliminary, accurate but preliminary. Generally the final cost has a variation of + or – 10% compared to the cost estimated in the initial phase.

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