Proudwheels Petrolhead Sunday - May 29 2k22

Proudwheels Petrolhead Sunday

This spring we were present at the ProudWheels Petrohead Sunday car event, organized by our friends from Petrolhead.

The event was held at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium and showed over more than 1,000 cars. Thanks to the participation of Prestige Auto Couture, we were able to show of our graphics on this stand.

Proudwheels Petrolhead Sunday 01

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The event had a static part, with the exhibition of special cars and products from the automotive sector. And a dynamic part, where the participants were able to drive their beasts on the Zolden Circuit and experience the adrenaline rush of professional drivers for a day.

Once again our projects have been admired and rewarded, we are very proud of this unexpected success.

The Speed lines project, on Eric Erkman’s Huracan, winning the first prize, repays all the time invested together with the team to make this livery unique, complex and perfectly aligned.

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