How much does a new custom car wrap graphic cost?

Not everyone tells you that easily

This the first question that every new client askes me.

People ask for motorbikes, cars, trucks, boats, light airplanes etc etc.

The first thing to know about this question, is that a wrapping graphic project involves 3 professional and fundamental figures:

  1. The Graphic designer
  2. The Print Technician
  3. The Wrapper


NB: In this article we will only talk about the costs of the wrap graphic.


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Custom graphics is an artistic creation made with the customer’s wishes and requests agreed in advance. This creation is meant to decorate one or more vehicles.

It is called “custom” because it is initially made with sketches, and all the elements are then edited with software to create a new exclusive design.

This service is artisanal artwork, for this reason the real price can only be defined once the final project is approved by the client. But it is possible for us to make an estimate cost before.

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I can show you our average rates for the Full Custom Car Wrap Design. As you can see they are “starting from“…

We propose 3 levels of accuracy for a graphic project with the relative prices. It is important for us to specify that our level of accuracy in the creation of graphics does not vary with the variation of the cost, our professionalism remains unchanged.




  • Normal Wrap Design up to € 550

    Graphics have an average level of accuracy. It starts with a clear idea of the customer. Existing texts, logos, illustrations, and the project requires particular attention to the layout of the entire design.
    The positioning of the panels is normal, it does not imply particular attention.

  • Powerful Wrap Design starting from € 750

    The customer's idea is not defined, so we step in by developing a concept together.
    The level of detail accuracy is high, although not at the extreme level. For example, a Powerful graphic can be appreciated at a distance of 50-60 cm, against an Extreme graphic, sometimes you need a magnifying glass.
    The choice and use of graphic elements has no restrictions on the shape of the vehicle. This is by raising the level of the artwork. It is necessary to establish direct contact with who will print the vinyl and who will wrap the vehicle, because it will be necessary to exchange information.

  • Extreme Wrap Design starting from € 1.000

    When we are asked to create extreme graphics we turn into astrophysical engineers and use quantum PCs! It's a joke ofcourse.... but that's how we approach our work. Extreme graphics for us are experimental, risky and therefore challenging.
    The customer's idea is crazy, so we step in by developing a concept together going to use complex and often experimental techniques.
    More graphics professionals are involved in the development, such as the draftsman to create custom illustrations.
    Level of details is as high as possible and Everything fits together perfectly. So, accuracy, idea and graphics are at the highest level.


The cost of a graphic for car wrapping is not only that for the actual development of the project. The final price is the sum of different services, such as consultancy, after sales service, presentations, etc.

As it is logical to think, giving a price to an artistic work without knowing the details and the customer’s needs is not easy, and it is not advisable to do so.

For this reason, to answer the question of approximate costs, we use the “starting from” method to give a rough cost estimate to our customers. We can determine the final cost of a customized project only after having received and analyzed all the necessary information.

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