ready to print design – HOW IT WORKS

The process is quick and easy, great for projects that are not too complex or that need to be done in a short amount of time. You can print the files directly or insert new elements, such as text and logos.

Simple Process

Choose the graphics you prefer

We have many graphics to offer in various styles, applicable to any car.

Buy the design of your choice

Payments are made via the secure Paypal method. Once the transfer is complete you will be automatically directed to the download page.

Download the executive files

From the Mega cloud platform you can download the .zip containing all the executive printing files.

Cut and fit the stripes

If necessary, you can cut off the excess material and slightly resize the stripes.

Print the vinyl of your choice

You are ready to send the files to the RIP and print the adhesive vinyl of your choice.

Wrap the car!

Now all you have to do is wrap your new graphic onto the car and show it around.

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