How to fill in the Custom Wrap Graphic Form

To request an estimate for a new custom wrap design, we first ask you to fill in our detailed form.

This form contains the essential information to define the work as a whole without wasting time.

To make it easier to fill in the form, we divided it into 4 steps:

  1. Personal information
  2. Design information
  3. Car information
  4. Uploading images

Not all fields are required, but the more information you give us, the more accurate our estimate will be. This is why we kindly ask you to take the time to provide us with all the required data.

Once you have clicked on “send” you will be redirected to a confirmation page, and we will receive all the information by email.

From that moment on we will take a maximum of 3 days to process all the information, and make a defined concept with its estimate. More info on our rates, click here.

I will now guide you through all the data requested on our form.

FORM Step by step description

STEP 1- Personal DATA

  • Name

    Enter a name and surname, that can be you or the person managing this project.

  • Email

    Enter your email.

  • Whatsapp phone

    Enter the number the WhatsApp account is associated with. Don't worry we will use this number for graphic design management ONLY. We will not sell your contacts to anyone.

  • Telegram account

    Enter your name on Telegram.

  • What's your role on the project?

    Wrapper, car owner, racing team etc etc.

  • Where do you want to receive our information?

    Choose which tool you want to use to communicate with us.

Step 2- Idea

  • Why do you want to wrap the car?

    We would like to know for what reason you want to have your car wrapped with our design: for passion, promotion, branding, competitions etc. Select one or more reasons.

  • Other then your wishes, do you have any guidelines to follow?

    It is important for us to know if there are any restrictions or limits, and if these limitations are regolated by guidelines or not.

    No, there are no restrictions other then my idea
    Yes, there are defined rules
    Yes, only for the colors to use
    Yes, only for the arrangement of the texts and / or logos
    I don't know yet

  • Tell us your idea.

    Use this question to properly describe your idea and your wishes. The more information you can give us, the easier it will be to meet your needs.

  • Choose the graphic style you want

    Choose wich main style you want to use for this project. Choose from the styles listed, but don't worry this choice is not binding, we can also combine different styles if needed.

    Dirty-Patina | Racing | Abstract | Thematic | Colors gradient | Camouflage | Pop Art | Fake Brand | Commercial | Itasha - JDM | Other...

Step 3 - CAR

  • Car brand

    Enter the car brand. Start writing the brand to filter the list.

  • Car model and year

    Enter the car model, and year of registration. Please also insert the version. Example: CLS 53 (C257) 2021

  • How will the car be used?

    Select for what purpose the car will be used. This information is important because we can make style-choices based on the purpose of the car.
    Choose between:
    Private car | Demo car | Company car | Show car | Racing car | Other

  • Are there any changes to the bodywork?

    Please write a list of the modified and added parts.
    It is very important that you report non-stock parts assembled and/or cosmetic changes.

Step 4 - Images upload

  • Upload 1 Car photo

    Use this field to upload the best image you have of the car in its current state. For now just one photo is enough, you will have time to send us more overtime.

  • Upload 1 Image for ispiration

    Use this field to upload an image to help us understand what you like and wich direction you want to go.

  • reChaptcha

    Google's authentication system to limit spam.

Tell us about your project

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