Clothing Design

We mix Italian style with global design.

This is the first step in making unique graphics for your clothes!

Design clothing and graphics for sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets, from scratch, makes us really happy. We design models and graphics for all types of clothing: urban, technical, sports, promotional… just to give you an example.

We just need to know a little more about your project to show you our graphic proposal. To do this we will analyze the brand, the targets and we will study a line of customized graphics, or just an image.


What do i need to know?

As mentioned we are able to design any garment, keep in mind that our studio does not make the clothing, we develop the concept and work with the apparel company chosen by the customer. We currently have no partnership relations.

In summary, you need to know (or look) for a company that will produce or print the clothing.

Our store is open!

Exclusive clothing for extreme people


What are the RULEs?

The complete progress requires 3 fundamental conditions:

  • Everyone wants to create something special.
  • That all the people involved in the project are focused.
  • That communication between people is detailed.

Is it more complex than you thought? Don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for a long time…
We just ask you to flow with our process, talk about your wishes and trust us. If you want to learn more, before starting with your own custom project, click here.

How much does an exclusive
car wrap graphic cost?

This question cannot be answered with a dry joke. This is because it is a full custom product. A car wrapping graphic is a unique piece that cannot be repeated.

This service has an artisanal connotation for this reason the real price can only be defined once the final project is approved by the client.

It is possible for us to make a cost estimate, but this is only preliminary, accurate but preliminary. Generally the final cost has a variation of + or – 10% compared to the cost estimated in the initial phase.

Learn more about the cost of custom graphics. Click here!

Do you want to talk about clothing?

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