Change the color combinations

If you want to know how to change the colors of your chosen graphic, read on.

The color change service of an ready-to-print wraphic can only take place under certain conditions.

This service is not intended as a personalization and therefore does not have the same treatment. In this case, the change of colors is to be considered on the entire graphic and not on its individual elements, except in some cases.

Below you can see the 2 cases of graphics and what are the possibilities of color change.

Case 1 - The most common

Graphics with a high color range and different shades.

In these cases we use the Photoshop “Composite Hue” to make the color variation, this variation affects the whole graphic stripe.

It is possible to change individual Hue of color range but in a limited way.

Case 2 - In specific graphics

Graphics with a low color gamut and an isolated color.

In this case we use Photoshop “Isolated Color Hue” to do the viariazione of the single color. This variation affects the entire graphic strip.

Unlimited individual color changes can be made.

Given the limitations and that each graphic must be treated individually, your request for a color change will have to keep these rules in mind in order for it to be feasible.

For this we ask you to explain what your idea is, without being too specific. Since you do not know the feasibility of your color change request, you can explain your general vision and we will see how to do it.

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